Knowledge Overview Grade III High School Girls about the Rish of Cosmetics on the Face in SMA N 1 Kauman Tulungagung

  • Biedasari Emi Candra Stikes Hutama Abdi Husada Tulungagung
  • Drevi Santa V.
Keywords: Knowledge, Adolescencent, Cosmetics face


          Cosmetics is a substance or preparation intended to be used on the outside of the human body or teeth and oral mucosa, especially to clean, parfum, change the appearance and, or improve body order or protecct or maintaining the body in good condition. Meanwhile, the skin whitening products is one hind of cosmetics products which contain active ingredients that can suppress or inhibit the formation of melanin or elimening melanin already formed so thatit will provide a more while color. Objective to determine the knowledge overview grade III high shool girl about the risk of the use of cosmetics on the face in SMA N 1 Kauman Tulungagung.

     Design used in this research is descriptive making teahniques that use random sampling with the number of respondents as many as 55 people. Data wa sollected using a questionnaire measuring instrumenr then the data is processed trough editing, coding and tabulating, and analysis using the formula N= Sp/Sm X 100%.

                    Based on the results of reseach conducted in SMA N 1 Kauman Tulungagung in 55 respondents can be concluded that the average respondent quality with a value less 67,3%.

Keywords:Knowledge, Adolescencent, Cosmetics face