The Correlation of Time for Using Injection Contraception in 3 Months with Menstruation Cycle in BPM Mrs. Atik Ngainur Rohmah S.ST Kaliombo Kediri

  • Lely Khulafa'ur Rosidah Akbid Dharma Husada Kediri
  • Aida Ratna Wijayanti Akbid Dharma Husada Kediri
  • Isabela Ina Gonang
Keywords: Menstruation Cycle, Injection Contraception in 3 month


Injection for planning family is the most popular hormone contraception in Indonesia. Most used injection planning family is depoprovera. Hormone planning family gives many effects for acceptor, especially in relation with menstruation cycle for example amenorea, dismenorea, the change of time in menstruation cycle and spotting. Purpose of this study is to know the correlation of time for using injection contraception in 3 months with menstruation cycle.  Design of this study is correlation study with cross sectional approach. Population is all acceptors of injection planning family in 3 months in BPM Mrs. Atik Ngainur Rohmah, Kaliombo, Kediri. Sampling technique used purposive sampling, it is 30 respondents. Data collection was conducted on 9-13 June 2017. Independent variable is time using injection contraception in 3 months and dependent variable is menstruation cycle. Instrument of this study is questionnaire. Statistic test used is chi-square. Result of this study shows that majority of using injection planning family for 3 months is 22 respondents (73%) and menstruation cycle oligomenorea is 9 respondents (30%). Result of chi square test is obtained ρ-value is 0.019 < α (0,05) means that there is correlation of time using injection planning family contraception for 3 months with menstruation cycle. From the result of this study, it is expected that the increment of health officer role in giving information and education on family planning in 3 months injection contraception that it increase the role of spouse in fertile age want to use contraception instrument.